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  1. rwayne

    Replacement for Photo Bucket

    Many years ago I used PhotoBucket on this forum and it was GREAT! Tried it today and Oh MAN is it ever BAD! WHAT HAPPENED? I have never been spammed so much with ads in my life. Soon as you close one advertisement another loads up. Can anyone recommend a better site where I can store...
  2. 4

    Substitute for Photobucket

    Is there a substitute for Photoboucket? I have not found anything so far that works as Photobucket does by opening the photo link automatically when you post on a forum or blog. Photobucket now wants an outrageous fee for this service, and I'll just have to do without if there is nothing...
  3. G

    Solved! Help identifying app icon?

    I need help knowing what these apps are.. I posted a screenshot in photobucket hoping someone could help me identify some app icons. Here is the link...and I promise it is not some weird prank. Thank you.
  4. F

    Can't login to photobucket

    I tried logging into my photobucket account but it just loads indefinitely after (correctly) entering my username and password. I tried clearing my cache, cookies, etc.. but nothing works.
  5. J

    Imgur, Photobucket, or other? (Which is best)

    I'm building my new rig today. I would like to setup an account where I can host images (In case I want to post a photo here). It would also be handy for hosting images I can link to on other sites (automotive forums). I notice toms hardware mentions Imgur and Photobucket. Which is easiest to...