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    prints blank pages

    I have a HP 6515 Photosmart All-in-one printer.I recently put in a new HP black ink cartridge and it printed parts of words. I removed cartridges and replaced them, unplugged and reset, cleaned the ink jets with warm water, used the troubleshooting hints and it now prints blank pages. I just...
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    Color problem with PH Photosmart R717 camera

    I have a hp photosmart R717. It is an old camera, but I love the quality of pictures it takes. Or used to take until it started displaying mostly green colors. Most pictures show a predominant green, the odd picture may be more normal. Used to be that just one or two pictures were green, but now...
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    Uninstalled photosmart- to reinstall- error installing no digital imaging?

    Hello, Please help me- i uninstalled my software because my wireless was not connecting to my printer. I have tried multiple times to reinstall the photosmart C309 software cd and error required for installation refuses to allow me to install.I cant even hook my laptop up to the connection- it...
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    Uninstall HP Drivers

    Hello, how do i completely uninstall photosmart c4450 drivers?