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  1. F

    Solved! Looking for Online Photo storage with Location map

    Is there a online photo storage that will show the location of photos in an album on a map? Like Picasa use to do/does but online not locally stored. It would be great to have say 20 pix in a album and a map showing those 20 locations at the same time
  2. tarmiricmi

    Google Photos folder view

    Hello, I've uploaded a few GB of photos to what was once a Picasa albums. Photos were organized in folders and everything was fine until Picasa was dropped out and Google Photos introduced. Now I can see a stream of my photos instead a folder view on them. How the hell do I get back folder view...
  3. A

    Picasa app for Windows / Mac: What to replace it with

    You've probably heard that Google will no longer maintain Picasa service. I have been using Picasa app (and its integration with picasaweb.google.com) for as long as it has been available, and Google' decision to stop supporting it asks the question: What to replace it with. So, I am looking for...
  4. P

    how to reinstall picasa

    C:\Users\spencercars\AppData\Local\Google\Picasa2\db3\albumdata_filename.pmp,ytFileUtils=326,err=3,errno=2,oserr=0 C:\Users\spencercars\AppData\Local\Google\Picasa2\db3\facetemplatesV2_index.db,ytFileUtils=326,err=3,errno=2,oserr=0...
  5. thepregnantgod

    Instagram clone for PC?

    I've tried Live Photo Gallery, Picasa, Cyberlink Photodirector... I'm looking for a program that can these simple tasks: 1. Load a folder of photos (to manage) 2. Crop easily 3. Apply Instagram like filters (beyond the measly BW/Sepia, etc.) Any suggestions.
  6. N

    iphone not recognised on my computer and picasa

    my iphone 4 doesnt show up on 'my computer' and picasa doesnt recognise it either, although the itunes sync does seem to be working fine and it does show up in devices and printers. the main thing i need is to be able to access my photos. thanks
  7. K

    Picasa my default JPG viewer, except when looking in my iPhone. Huh?

    Win 7 Pro, svpk 1, on a Thinkpad. This is weird. Finally filled up my iPhone with pictures, and went to start removing them (yes, they're all already backed up, RAID'd, water- and fire-proofed, and catalogued on a personal cloud. Whee...) When I click any JPG on my Thinkpad, Picasa's Photo...
  8. T

    Recent android update requires permission to view gallery?

    So I think I have updated my android recently and then when I want to view my gallery it asks for "access requested" and "sign-in request", and if i proceed it will show something about picasa web albums. It never occurred to me when I wish to browse my own photos. Anyone know what this is about?
  9. G

    Canon MG5320

    how can we get an 8 x 10 photo from Picasa 3 centered on the photo paper? No matter what setting we use in picasa, the print has a wider white border on one side than the other.
  10. JMcEntegart

    Picasa Image Details Point to Asus Nexus 7 Android Tablet

    Evidence of a Nexus tablet is mounting. Picasa Image Details Point to Asus Nexus 7 Android Tablet : Read more
  11. C

    Photo editors

    Hello, We all know Adobe Photoshop dominates the photo editing programs due to many things. I am no expert, and ill want some advice from you. I need a good yet simple photo editing program. Photoshop and CorelDRAW is way to advanced for me. I did a bit of research, and found several good photo...
  12. N

    Internet Connection Wizard opens wehn importing files to Picasa

    Hey all, I think this is the most appropriate forum. If not, feel free to move it. I recently did a fresh install of Windows on my old PC when I gave it to my parents. I installed Picasa to give my mom a software package to do some minor photo editing with (an improvement over the Kodak...
  13. D

    What is Best Flickr Pics Organizer & Up-loader??

    I have all my Family Pics Archived on 12 Picasa accounts, but i now want Single account to backUp My Family Pics of last 15 years. So ill be Buying Flickr Pro to BackUp All my Family Pics from Picasa to Flickr Pro, But the Problem is Flickr is Not Easy to Organize Like Picasa Web & One More...
  14. A

    Advice for photo software

    Hi, I'm currently using Picasa and it's great. The only drawback is that the pictures are only kept on the hard drive. Picasa does not store them. I like to convert my pictures into albums and transfer them to my external hard drive for safe keeping. When I delete the Picasa albums on my...
  15. B

    VFS File Issue

    Hello, Picasa can't read my vfs file off my sandisk from my android phone.
  16. E

    Recommendation: Google's Picasa!!

    If you don't feel like opening photoshop just to fix red-eyes, or optimize your picture so you can quickly send it to friends, (or just had enough from software's manuals) its free, no ads or stuff like that which can be annoying! very cute and simple, unusual effects, and the best, you can...