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    Question Pioneer VSX-930 "Amp Err"

    So about a week ago I was playing some games on my PC with the audio and video going through my AVR (a VSX-930) when I heard a pop on my rear/surround right speaker (I was using it in 5. 1 config) the amp shut down for a second and powered on again and I heard another pop, then the AVR DISPLAYED...
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    Question Help needed getting chrome cast to work through AV receiver.

    Seriously need help to configure this set up! I have a Humax HDR -75 10T set top box Pioneer VSX -534 AV Receiver Samsung LA40 M81BD TV Chrome cast. Currently have set up with HDMI cables running from one of two HDMI IN on TV to HDMI OUT on AV receiver HDMI IN on AV to only HDMI Port on STB...