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    Panorama Prints on Canon Pixma Pro-10

    How do I print a panoramic image on a Canon Pixma Pro-10. The Custom paper size says that the limit is 14" (width) by 26.61 (height). When I try to print on a custom paper size of 13" x 26" I get an error message saying that the media type and paper size are not set correctly. I have tried every...
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    Using card stock in Canon Pixma MG 5620 printer

    Can this printer print on card stock?
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    Can the servicepeople see what I have printed out?

    Hi. If I turn in the printer to service can the servicepeople see what I have written out? It is a canon pixma printer. Thank you for answering :)
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    how do I connect my galaxy pro 12.2 to my wifi Canon pixma printer?

    Just got the Galaxy Pro, and have spent a bit of yesterday and most of the morning setting it up to take the place of my MacBook Pro when I travel (which is quite a bit lately). Everything is going smoothly, but cannot figure out how to get it to recognize my printer. What am I missing?
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    Canon pixma black ink

    I have a canon pixma mp560. I replaced the large black tank and now the printer does not recognize the tank. When it is snapped and lights up the other lights go out. If I unsnap it and tape it down when the light comes on but before it snaps in sometimes it will work. I have tried three...
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    Practically getting paid to buy a Canon Printer PIXMA PRO9/5000II

    I'm going to buy a Canon DSLR Rebel T2i and i'm getting a $200 dollar rebate for a pixma pro printer, and they are pretty much paying me $30 to buy a Pixma Pro9000 Mark II Professional Photo Printer from them after instant rebates and mail-in rebates program. The Pro9000II is normally $499, and...
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    Direct printing on cds

    Hello, I am using a Canon Pixma IP4700 series printer and the software program is CD Labelprint. It seems that I can only use Jpeg images with this software. Anyone know of other software which may be compatible?
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    Printer software for Pixma 190-Canon

    Hello all - I cannot find a category for Printer problem so please feel free to move my question to any respective slot. I recently have to rehooked my dusty Pixma 190 becos my Pixma 150 has a waste tank ink problem. But becos the Pixma was purchased and hardly used for about 2 years now, I...
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    Help! I'm looking for a printer! Canon Pixma ip8500?

    Archived from groups: rec.photo.digital (More info?) Anybody have anything good or bad to say about the printer? Will I hae any prolems with print head or ink drying up if I only print a dozen or so 4 x 6 a month? Any other recommendations would be appreciated. Also, anybody have experience...
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    Photo Printers: Canon PIXMA iP4000 vs iP6000

    Archived from groups: rec.photo.digital (More info?) I am in the market for a new photo printer and have narrowed the choice down to a pair of Canon PIXMA printers, the iP4000 and the iP6000. Although the iP6000 has an LCD display and card slots, I probably won't use them. So the ultimate...