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    LG TV Guide is boring & dull

    Well. I've owned a lot of telly's. By far, the LG has the worst TV guide on this planet...! Also, it never shows BBC1..!!!!
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    What games should I get for my PlayStation 4? I already have FIFA 15, Little Big Planet 3, Blacklight Retribution, Minecraft a

    I need some information on a new game to get for my PlayStation 4 and why I should get that game.
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    How to connect a mixer to a mixer to get more available channel inputs

    I want to connect a simple mixer to another mixer to get more channels to connect xlr microphones...(I have the Behringer PMP2000)
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    Will my laptop run Day Z on lowest settings?

    Hi, so I downloaded Planet Side 2 a while back and I was surprisingly able to play it on lowest graphical settings really well. Now Im thinking about purchasing Arma 2 w/ Day Z mod but im not quite sure if its more or less demanding than Planet Side 2. here are my specs I have an Asus...