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    Multiple HDMI Inputs, Split Screen view

    Not quite a question but a response to http://www.tomsguide.com/answers/id-2181889/product-accepting-hdmi-inputs-creates-split-screen-output.html ... This feature is now standard for many monitors. It is generally referred to as "Picture by Picture" The obsolete LG model 29EA93-P monitor...
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    Possible "svchost.exe" Virus ?

    Hi. This seems really awkward in my point of view , do you guys think this is a virus ? If so , could you tell me how to fix this ,if there is any specific anti-virus suitable for this kind of situation ? http://i.imgur.com/RUVLBh4.png I also noticed i have some setup exe's that are 1GB-2GB...
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    rooting a tablet

    hi , i have a Point Of View tablet mobii 701 and i want to root it , but is it safe , and how to root it ? :D thanks in advance , sorry for bad English :D