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    CMD prompt showing up randomly; Don't have Office on computer nor tasks related to it.

    Random CMD prompt window (maybe??) constantly popping up at random times, keeps alt tabbing me out of things that I'm doing. I DO NOT have Microsoft Office, and none of the previous ""fixes"" for this issue apply to my computer as these processes/tasks just simple do not exist on my computer...
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    Chrome and Window 8

    I have a windows 8 laptop and everytime i click with the mouse a random page keeps pooping up how do i fix it? (it's SUPER annoying):fou:
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    Having Pop-up problem can anybody identify?

    So, I'm typically very safe with my own things but, my mother's laptop seems to be having a problem. Every time she browses the internet whether she goes to Netflix, Vacation websites, or anything else, she has a pop-up. Oddly, this isn't consistent as it only happens every 15-20 minutes apart...
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    Can a Pop-Up ad give you a virus even if you just close it?

    Hello. About a week ago, a website I used quite a bit gave me a pop-up ad as I began browsing around it. I closed instantly and left the website since I got a bit paranoid. The question is, I just closed the pop-up, can it still give me a virus? I use Chrome, and it's always updated, and so far...
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    Chrome virus where I cant exit a pop up page

    Hello, i recently noticed I have an issue with my Google chrome. When i click a link that takes you to an external page, it takes me to a different one instead and the page cant be closed, and the browser stays on it. It doesn't do this always, its very random which makes it even more...