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  1. 9amk

    Solved! Unrecognised port on my lenovo Y520

    Hi, Recently i have been thinking about making an gaming laptop monitor setup, where I connect my laptop to an external gaming monitor. so i have been looking around my laptop ports to see which cables i would need and i saw one that’s not listed on my laptop ports specs. i will attach a pic of...
  2. A

    cloud II with soar strix, will it work ?

    hello, im buying the hyperx cloud ii along with the strix soar sound card. So the sound card has 2 different ports, one is for the mic, and the other is for the headphones. the headset itself has 1 3.5mm jack, so if i connect it via the headphone port, will it work ? thanks in advance.
  3. S

    DVI to HDMI Xbox One audio problem

    Hello so im sorta a noob to audio things and i was wondering if anyone could possibly help me? The Problem: So yesterday i was given a monitor and for that monitor i wanted to use it for consoles cause my TV is just awful, but the problem is my monitor only has a VGA and DVI ports no HDMI so i...
  4. M

    Help With Com Ports!

    Hi there! I have a X401U Asus Notebook here. It has two usb ports, one is a 2.0 and the other is a 3.0. I am having a problem lateley connecting devices to my computer. My computer is already one year old. Last time, I still get to connect usb devices such as webcams, celpphones, thum...