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  1. K

    Which power bank is better Anker or Romoss

    I want to ask that which company power bank is better. I was recommended to compare the Anker power bank and Romoss power banks and i googled online and found info about Anker power bank and Romoss power bank but confused Can anyone help me regarding this
  2. J

    2017 Laptops USB-C Power Delivery Compatibility with External Power Banks

    My aim with this answer is to promote a sticky thread to be created so I have recreated this elsewhere on this forum, hope you dont mind the duplicates. I have been researching this a fair bit as I want to purchase a new laptop in 2017 and my main requirement is that there be some possibility...
  3. A

    Gigabyte P15f v2 Power Bank!

    Hello. I use a Gigabyte P15f v2 for school and gaming. I notice it doesn't quite have enough battery to support a full day at school. I'm a bit confused on what power bank to buy to supply enough power to my laptop. On my AC adapter it says 19.5V, 6.15 A, 120 W. And on my battery it says 11.1V...
  4. G

    Power Bank/External Battery for MSI laptop

    Hey so I just bought a laptop, MSI pe70 2qe, and the battery on this thing doesn't last a very long time. I'm thinking about buying a power bank so I can power my laptop off that if I start running out of juice on the laptop battery. I've been looking at a few power banks that say they can power...