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  1. B

    Solved! fan not displaying

    i bought a asus tuf fx504 but then after i typed RemovePackage in powershell the display when i change my fan mode it didnt display up. so now i dont know what mode my fan is in. is there anyway to have it to display back or anyway application to check its' speed
  2. D

    Cmd keep popping up with an error

    my cmd has been popping up with an error "windows cannot find "C:Users\TEMP\appdata\roaming\microsoft\windows\wsvjtuwd\rgbsrhcc.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly then try again" I have tried full scanning with my antivirus severally but the same keeps on happening. this started...
  3. G

    The same problem

    The same problem appeared on my PC yesterday. How to decide I do not know. Sometimes PowerShell opens
  4. J

    Windows 7 Powershell

    I am continuously facing issues with my Windows 7 Powershell< And receiving an Encryption Error message as" Windows Powershell Isn't responding", If anyone could help me out as I am from a non-tech background and facing problem in solving this issue, I had also contacted [scammer url removed]...
  5. X

    Can't delete file/folder

    I can't delete a file because Windows says it is not there. I tried deleting the folder but Windows says the directory is not empty. I tried doing it through PowerShell, but it says the same thing. I'm trying to remove a folder with a file by the name of vistape.wim. I looked it up to make sure...
  6. M

    Oops, I coded my powershell to unrestricted

    Basically, I had issues with downloading off the Windows Store. I came across this solution on Tom's Hardware: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/id-2797267/windows-store-error-code-0x80240437.html I followed the instructions but have since realised it is a terrible idea to set anything to...
  7. R

    Powershell help, start a service only if an application is launched.

    I need assistance. Very newbie to ps. I need a script that starts a certain service only if a certain app is launched. And then stop the service if the application is closed. Any guidance is appreciated. Note: The service needs to start prior to this application started. I don't want it...
  8. M

    AD Powershell problem.

    Im pritty new to this any help or tips would be appreciated. Trying to Add users in bulk, Getting this error: New-ADUser : The server is unwilling to process the request At C:\Users\Kaliadm\Desktop\Users script.ps1:5 char:1 + New-ADUser -GivenName $($_.FirstName) -Surname $($_.Lastname) ` +...
  9. C

    Windows apps not working

    So For some reason everytime I try to open a windows app like Weather, Store, etc, they do wierd things. for example 'Weather' crashes while launching, 'Store' crashes when clicking on an app. Anyone have any ideas? I have tried: running this command in PowerShell: powershell -ExecutionPolicy...
  10. T

    Question about possible infection?

    Currently I am using Bitdefender AntiVirus plus and every time I restart my computer, BitDefender notifies me that it has a blocked something. I look into further details and it specifies that PowerShell is trying to communicate with an external IP. It will keep popping up until I end both of...
  11. B

    Is there a better way to change folder permissions?

    Alright everyone, So I have an absurd task ahead of me; I need to remove and add groups for permissions to about 40,000 folders... I have gotten through about 4,000, and there just has to be a better/easier/faster way to do this. So what I have been doing is right clicking on the folder, going...
  12. mjmcdonagh1

    Hyper-V Setup VM in Powershell

    Hello, I should start this with "I am a complete Hyper-V beginner" because I am... I've setup Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V on an HP MicroServer, and used this guide: http://www.danielclasson.com/guide-how-to-create-and-configure-virtual-machines-in-hyper-v-server-2012-using-powershell/ to...
  13. L

    SSH Script to Pull File from Server

    Hello All, To start off I created a PowerShell script that worked wonderful for pulling the weekly .csv file from the server and deleting it afterwards. This was done on our QA server. Here's the code: $File = "c:\wp test\$(get-date -f yyyy-MM-dd).csv" $ftp =...
  14. J

    Script to call windows services password changer script

    hi i want to create a two powershell scripts to change all windows services password on multiple servers?
  15. G

    PowerShell ISE vs cmd.exe

    The more tasks that you delegate to PowerShell, the greater the chance that you will truly embrace this wonderful command-line technology. PowerShell ISE vs cmd.exe : Read more