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  1. Mason Methot

    Canon Powershot SX50 HS acting slow when moving through the playback menu

    I've had my Canon for at least 5 years now (upgrading soon) but recently, whenever i click into the playback menu, it takes a while to do things. Zooming in and out of pictures seems slower and non respondent sometimes. And trying to play a slo mo movie or regular recording seems impossible with...
  2. P

    DSLR or Mirrorless? I already have Canon PowerShot SX160 IS.

    Hi, I have Canon PowerShot SX160 IS and like to work with different modes. Here are some of clicks by me [facebook link removed] Now I want another(higher model) camera under 30000 INR to take more detailed pics and do more experiments whether in landscape, portrait, sport, bird or micro...