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  1. B

    Verizon phone sims

    I currently have a galaxy s6 with verizon and I was on the edge plan where you pay for your phone as you go withrough your bill. So my phone has been disconnected and I was wondering if I could put a verizon prepaid sim card in this phone or is it locked because it hasn't been completely paid for..
  2. D

    OnePlus One Prepaid

    Hi, I am planning to buy the OnePlus One and I am using prepaid on my phone now. Can I use a prepaid simcard on this phone?? Hope someone can help me..., DutchPrime5
  3. WhiteSnake91

    How is the Moto G?

    tired of my glitchy POS Galaxy Centura on straight talk, only 512mb ram, single core 800mhz cpu... The Moto G is HD screen and a quad core and unlocked. OR Verizon has the Moto G on their Prepaid for only $99....or they have Iphone...