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    Prime95 results and what are the chances that its not the CPU

    Just ran prime95 on my computer trying to see why my computer has been acting up lately. And when I say acting up I mean freezing up completely after just sitting overnight and also freezing up when trying to render in adobe premiere. I ran two tests. The blend test and the CPU only test(Small...
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    Laptop has charging stutters

    I'm not really sure how to describe this. While playing a game, or running FurMark, my laptop will quit charging for a minute, I get a huge FPS lag spike, and then it begins charging again. It will keep doing this most of the time. I have learned that giving it better ventilation helps...
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    Prime95 translation HELP

    :hello: Kindly I ask your attention. Well, I wanted to use Prime95 and found out that it is only in English. I asked for permission to translate it and I got it. Emaill: Hello Meneer, Thank you for the translation offer. Unfortunately, not all of the text that needs to be translated is...