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  1. R

    How to Use a VPN on Roku and Get Local Channels from Around the World

    Roku provides the chance for the users to use the Virtual Private Network (VPN) and be able to access all the local channels from all regions of the world. The user can set up a VPN router, can access that VPN on Roku through the Settings menu. Here is how you can use the VPN to get access to...
  2. Paul Wagenseil

    Best VPNs for Linux

    There are plenty of VPN clients for Linux, but some are better than others. Best VPNs for Linux : Read more
  3. Paul Wagenseil

    Best VPN for Android

    Protect your privacy with the top-rated VPN apps and services for Android phones and tablets. Best VPN for Android : Read more
  4. S

    How to view private number in Samsung s7 edge

    Hi I'm getting call from a private number and I need to know how to view that number. Regards, Shakir
  5. K

    Good free VPN

    Hello, I am looking for a completely free VPN that does not have bandwidth limits. I mainly want to get a vpn that protects me from ISP's looking at what I have been doing/streaming. I also connect to a semi-public network (something like school wifi), so I do not want the owners of the network...
  6. A

    Portable/Travel Routers: Portable WiFi solution?

    Greetings, I'm researching what's the best way to have a safe wifi connection on the go, both for mobile and laptop devices (specifically in libraries/coffee shops while I'm at college). So far I've found that portable wifi routers are the ideal solution. The best part is that you can connect...
  7. JobCreator

    IPVanish Update Broke My VPN

    Hey, yall. The software IPVanish recently came out with an update to the software, so I decided it was a good idea to update that. I was running the software when it prompted me and everything was fine and working as intended. After downloading and installing the new update (while the...