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    Solved! Found a mostly dead HP Pro Slate 12 - how dead is it?

    As the title says, I found an HP Pro Slate 12 in the trash, and it looks pretty dead. However, there are some signs of life. It doesn't turn on at all, but when I plug it in, the screen does flash a little - i.e. it goes from black to slightly less black for about a second, then back to black...
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    RCA Pro 12 won't turn on past 'pro 12' sign

    Having a number of problem still unresolved, like " UI system not responding"; So, now the Android RCA pro 12 won't turn on past the "pro 12" sign! When first on after few seconds to moments, I can hear the notifications tone sounding off and nothing more available for me to select, being STUCK...
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    Sony Vegas Pro 12 post webcam recording problem

    (I used a Logitech Pro c920 Webcam and running windows 8) So after I fnish a recorded video in sony vegas for some reason when I try recording it for around 20 minutes it only shows for Print Length for 6 seconds but it clearly says that it recorded for 20 Minutes?