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    Need help finding the right notebook(laptop)

    Since I will become a student, I will need a better laptop. Especially for music production purposes. My budget is Under $1500. After doing some research, I found out that most of the laptops are focussed on gaming. I rather save those extra bucks for a better battery :/. I dont want a mac. Im...
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    DJI Phantom Workflow 4K vs 1080p, Best Quality Possible Under 400MB?

    This post is really quite general, so I apologize in advance for any mis-categorizing. Anyways, I am making drone real estate videos with the DJI Phantom 2, but the final render needs to be small to deliver via Dropbox. (400MB maximum) Although I'm not skilled with formats and codecs, I want to...
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    Sound Card Help?

    I have searched the internet for a very long time in research of sound cards. Nobody seems to give definite answers on what they do. I have a general idea but I need another answer. I recently bought a Macbook to make music on, and it doesn't have the best specs in the world. When working in a...