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    Looking for Laptop, budget of £400 - Specifics listed on thread

    I've looked through quite a lot of threads which request low budget gaming laptops but none of which really met what I was looking for. 1. What is your budget? I'd like to keep it at £400 maximum. I could go slightly over, but only if it makes a lot of difference. 2. What is the size of the...
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    Finding the perfect laptop for me

    I am CJ, a long time reader but never bothered to post my own problems before as i find between this website and the rest of the internet someone else was bound to have had the same problem and someone has likely found a solution. Well no such look this time around. I am quite experienced and...
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    Anything better than this for <= $800?

    Is there a laptop that has better gaming power than the MSI CX61 or the Acer Aspire V3 for $800 or less? (No Asus please, bad history with them). Which is better of the two listed? I used to think Acer was a very cheap company, has it changed over the past few years? (exact MSI CX61)...