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  1. tomsguideUS

    Get Titles in QuizUp

    Earning advanced titles in QuizUp are a great way to show your opponents what kind of knowledge smackdown you're about to lay on them. Here's how to unlock titles to use on your QuizUp profile: Tips: • On ‘QuizUp’ players achieve titles by leveling up in the topics they play. You have to play...
  2. tomsguideUS

    How to Edit Wallpaper in QuizUp

    If you play a lot of QuizUp, you'll want the game to be aesthetically pleasing to you. In just a few steps, you can change the game's wallpaper to something you like: Steps: 1. Open ‘QuizUp’ on your device by tapping on the ‘QuizUp’ icon 2. Open the sidebar menu. Then tap on your username from...
  3. tomsguideUS

    How to Change an Avatar in QuizUp

    Your avatar is your outward face to opponents in QuizUp. You can change it to a number of options or even a photo you took yourself. Here is how: Steps: 1. Open ‘QuizUp’ by tapping on the icon on your device 2. Slide from right to left of the screen to bring out the in-game menu 3. Tap on...