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    AMD A12 with supposedly 4gb Radeon R7 desktop says there is only 512mb gpu memory

    4gb Radeon is showing as only 512mb. It is clearly working much better than that wd suggest bc my son has had no complaints trying to run his Steam games. How can I raise the amount of memory the gpu is using and does it really matter that it only registers as 512mb?
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    AMD R7 multiple issues, nobody can solve them! Please help!

    Hi everybody I'm new here! I have this problem for months already. I just don't know what else to do. If I have a game opened on a browser (chrome, mozilla, ...) and 1 video or facebook opened, the videos might crash, freeze or not play if I go from on tab to another. Sometimes I just press...
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    Laptop GPU isnt regonized

    I bought couple days ago HP Pavilion 15 p065no, it has A8 6410M and the CPU has integrated AMD radeon HD r5, and then it has different Chipset on board which is AMD Radeon R7 M260. But the laptop wont regonize it, It does read in the Conflicting Devices on system summary but i cant seem to...