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    Solved! Check for RAT

    So basically, I wanted to check if I had a RAT or not and now I'm extremely paranoid because I have no idea whether I do or not, and would greatly appreciate if someone here could confirm and ease my anxiety for me (or potentially make it worse lol). thanks in advanced everyone...
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    Somebody has remote access to my computer, please help!

    Somebody got hold of all the details of my router (everything you can think of) and has since been able to see everything I do and type. They are also able to remotely control my computer, and control devices. I believe they may be using MAC or ARP spoofing. I ran XARP and it detected an ARP...
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    Is someone possibly watching my PC?

    Hello, I have had many suspicions over the last few months about someone potentially monitoring my moves on my PC, was a few months back where I had many potential security codes from many sites asking if I want to update my password/am I sure if I want to change my email etc. Then a few weeks...