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    Subwoofer to C/Sub in motherboard not working

    I have an Infinity "Entra Sub subwoofer" to connect to my PC for some bass. I already have two speaker which is plugged into my Line Out port and my "Infinity Entra Sub" plugged into my C/Sub port with a 2 male RCA to 1 3.5mm audio adapter. I'd tried a few things. I went to Device Manager and...
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    Solved! Wire to RCA for Subwoofer

    Hi guys, merry christmas everybody! So I have a very old subwoofer that my parents aren't using anymore until they decided to switch to a soundbar and new subwoofer that pairs with the soundbar for their Bravia 4k flatscreen TV a couple of years ago. The old subwoofer I have is an Infinity...