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  1. UItmaWepn

    Another way to solve laptop/desktop low volume issues.

    I had the same problem when I first bought my laptop, the volume just would not go loud enough, and everyone that has Windows 8.1 with bing knows that the enhancement tab under speaker setting has been removed for some reason. So, I have a very simple solution for you. Download and install the...
  2. I

    How to Stop RealPlayer Cloud Popup?

    I've been using RealPlayer for a loooong time. But, now that I've installed the latest version it won't stop nagging me to sign up for their Cloud. I won't use and don't want their cloud feature. Every time I try to play a sound file in RP it stops me with this nag ad and I have to click it...
  3. T

    Realplayer stopped working

    Hello, for some reason, my realplayer downloader stopped working... no warning, and I have NO idea why.. I installed the latest version, thinking that might be the problem, but it didn't work- I'm not a real techie... help!!
  4. liquidsnake718

    Problem with Realplayer ...

    After I use the download toolbar from realplayer and complete a download, how come I cant open the file? If the download isnt completed I can still open video files, but once the downloader completes the file, for some reason my file or even realplayer wont even open/work?!?
  5. W

    Realplayer for htc s710

    could anybody support me any programme that playes realplayer extensions
  6. G

    Realplayer on LG KS 20 Smartphone

    hi, everybody is any possibilty to run realplayer movie files on an win mobile 6.1 system ( lg KS 20 with touchpad ) thx for help jo
  7. T

    Realplayer files on iPod?

    Is there any way to put files into the iPod and iTunes using the Real Player (.ram) software? In other words, can I put songs that I've downloaded using the .ram format into my 5th generation 30 gb iPod without buying any expensive converting equipment?
  8. A

    Mpeg errors out in Realplayer and WMP

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I was tickled pink to be able to download a newsclip of my Mom to my PC with DVArchive. I noticed it created an MPEG of the show, but was disappointed to see that both Realplayer and Windows Media Player errored out immediately when...
  9. G

    RealPlayer on PPC

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Recently I posted a question about problems with the PPC version of Realpayer (shown below) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ADSL Broadband with WiFi 802.11b connection to Dell AXIM I've just downloaded RealPlayer for my pocket...
  10. G

    RealPlayer on PPC2003

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) ADSL Broadband with WiFi 802.11b connection to Dell AXIM I've just downloaded RealPlayer for my pocket PC on the hope of being able to listen to radio stations on my Dell AXIM. Installed OK but if I try to access any BBC radio...