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  1. F

    Solved! Can i record MS Teams meeting with audio using another program while on my phone.

    Hello friends, I'm not sure if this is the right section to post this but I will try. I want to ask if there is a phone app that allows me to record my ms teams meetings with headphones on because while I'm at work I cannot completely watch my lessons and would like to rematch them later on...
  2. N

    How do i record my smart tv screen to my laptop with only a hdmi cable?

    Im just a beginner of the youtuber since im pro at some of my games. But i dont know how to record my tv to my laptop. Im just playin xbox and heard that someone want my help and ask me to make a video. That would be appreciate if you guys help me with my problems. Thank you!
  3. K

    Need help finding gameplay recorder

    I want to record my gameplay for YouTube using free software that I can mess with the settings to what I want. I know about obs and have tried it several times but I don't really find it very good software it either doesn't ever load my video or doesn't record audio something always goes wrong...
  4. L

    Solved! Will this laptop support the Elgato Game Capture HD60 S?

    Will this laptop: Support the Elgato Game Capture HD60 S :
  5. T

    Videos Freezing When Wacth.

    So when I record a video and watch it, it stutters really badly.. (Example ) And its not just the pc, I tried putting it on a usb then watching it on another pc, and it did the same thing, so it has to be the recording I think, I tried 2 recording...
  6. K

    Specific audio output for softwares

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for solution like CheVolume but only found outdated, unstable solutions. Here is the situation: I already have virtual cable I want to specify 2 softwares (shadowplay and random software) one of the virtual cable as default audio cable. Since a lot of software even the...
  7. D

    Low CPU usage screen recorder !

    Hello! Do you guys have any good screen recording software that won't use a lot of CPU power and keeps the FPS high. I currently have Mirillis Action! recording, but I can't afford the full version and the trial time is going to expire soon. So, do you know any software like that? I want to...
  8. Justin Ulysse

    Screen Recording not Working

    Ever since I upgraded from my integrated GPU to a dedicated GPU, multiple screen recording platforms have not been working (this includes OBS and HyperCam). I do not expect to be able to stream, just screen record. My computer specs (my computer is rather old): Factory made computer: Dell...
  9. G

    movie maker makes video blurry

    I wanted to do a speedpaint, and I used screencast-o-matic to record myself while I drew. I watched the recordings and they were clear, but when I uploaded them to windows live movie maker, the quality bad and everything appears blurry. It was an mp4 and i was about 15 minutes long
  10. V

    Recording problem on Fraps, lag always occur and causing Fraps to stop record anyway to fix this problem?

    I'm using a laptop with a intel inside core i7 and AMD Radeon Graphics, I always play games on my laptop and lag doesn't occur a lot, but when I try to record my gaming footages on Fraps my laptop starts to lag causing Fraps to stop recording the footages, is there anyway to fix this problem or...
  11. R

    Dxtory recording setup help.

    Hello people! I just started making YouTube videos and am looking for some help setting up Dxtory for optimal performance. My computer is a Intel I7 5820k OC 4.2, Asus GTX 970 strix, 16gb ddr4 2133 mhz ram (the ram says 2800Mhz, I just did not do xmp). I am playing games like GTAV, Minecraft...
  12. M

    Turntable plays quietly via amp, do i need a preamp? will it sacrifice sound quality?

    Hello, I have an old turntable hooked up to a new-ish Nobsound amp. it plays very quietly on this amp but fine when i connect it to a sony hifi system i have. Would I need a pre-amp for my amp? Amp: TT: I was looking at the...
  13. R

    MorphVox Pro Dosent work with my mic

    Hi today i got this problem with MorphVox Pro i can't use my mic for the program anymore... It have been working like a sharm btu now it seems like it uses the pc to capture sound when it is supposed to use my mic.. might just be the setting i have been put wrong but plz help. I got a windows...
  14. A

    Nvidia ShadowPlay Vs MSI Afterburner

    I'm thinking of getting a MSI 290 when it comes out ,and wanted to know how afterburner would hold up against shadow play..