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  1. Requesterofhelp

    AMD Relive not working.

    I'm having trouble enabling AMD relive. It used to work, but now evertime I start up my PC windows defender says it stopped amddvr from changing my videos or something along the lines of that. I tried to whitelist it, but I can't select the folder, as it has nothing in it. I try to enable it...
  2. O

    Virtual Dub is giving me sped up videos in Sony Vegas Pro 12

    My files from Virtual dub for some reason are sped up and out of sync in Sony Vegas Pro, why? Specs: Capture Device: Nikon D5200 at 60.00 fps Capture Card: Magewell HDMI Capture Card GPU:MSI GTX 770 CPU: Intel i7 4790k RAM: Crucial Ballistix Elite 16GB DDR3-1866 Motherboard: ASRock...
  3. Singularity_iOS

    Need recording software for Medion Titanium MD 8800 PC

    I have a old Medion PC that was torn apart and not touched for years. Put a new hdd in and replaced ram and it works fine, all drivers installed, but I don't know what software came on the machine. Reason is the machine has a analogue Yellow video and red and white audio input plugs. I want to...
  4. J

    Best video streaming and Best video Recording Software.

    Which is the best Video stream and Best video Recording Software that will help prevent the most lag possible! I find it absolutely annoying when i record with fraps and get constant lag spikes!! Some details i should also include, I will be using. Nividia - Gtx 770 Windows 8
  5. apcs13

    Best Free Game Recorder?

    I am looking for a better free game recording software to use for games on my YouTube channel until I know it's of decent success to buy the full version of Bandicam, and have been looking for free alternatives until then. I like the free version of Bandicam except for the bad watermark and time...