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  1. S

    Difference between DSLR and RED

    Hey I'm wondering what the differences in DSLR cameras and RED cameras are. The quality of picture etc. in uses such as full length movies, short films and music videos. Also what role lenses play. To clarify, im not looking to buy a RED camera or anything, i was just wondering why the price...
  2. iPaperKillz

    Nikon D3100 Lens Won't Focus

    Foreword: I am new to photography and cameras in general (seriously, like 1 week old). I have a Red Nikon D3100 which a family member gave to me because it wouldn't focus. I take a few photos with the Auto mode and they all come out blurry. I take off the lens and look through the glass at the...
  3. V

    Headphones with red/white and USB plugs

    So I got my self a new headphones with red, white and USB plugs. Do they work with my PC? How do I make them work?
  4. G

    Pioneer Plasma TV power light flashing red and blue. Won't turn on

    Hi, this is my roommates' parents TV and this is the first time using this TV here. The horizontal light under the circle at the bottom left corner of the TV is flashing red and blue. The power button does nothing. This TV worked when it was at her house just a few days ago. Please help, thanks!