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  1. AnshavM

    Question Laptop screen has black flickering lines at the bottom when plugged in at 144Hz

    Hi all, I am using an Asus Tuf f15. Lately, I have observed that as soon as I plug my laptop in, the refresh rate changes to 144Hz and black flickering lines appear at the bottom. These lines have increased over the past few months. They go away when I change the refresh rate to 60Hz, even when...
  2. thechangedguy

    Question Which one of these laptops has better display/screen quality?

    I want to buy a gaming laptop. I came across these two laptops with same price. Both have similar features like: Ryzen 7 Octa Core 4800H 16GB RAM 4 GB Graphics 15.6" Display Can anyone tell me which one of these has a better screen/display tho in terms of color accuracy and brightness? HP...
  3. Z

    Question Can I change the laptop Monitor refresh rate in the NVIDIA Control Panel?

    So I ordered a laptop which was advertised to have a 120 Hz monitor, but I only see a 60 Hz option in the Display settings. I asked the providers, and all I got is this: This issues will be something you can solve by going into your Graphic setting and changing the refresh rate and the...
  4. Welve

    Solved! Do 4K TVs actually have native 120hz refresh rates? And if so, what's the point?

    Hey All, I have read so much about refresh rate from so many sources and I am so confused. What I know: 4K has two native refresh rates 60 hz/120 hz TVs are commonly branded as 120, 240 etc, usually have half of their advertised refresh rates TVs have HDMI 2.0a as the standard connection Max...
  5. W

    problem with refresh rate

    Hi guys. I need some help. I have Sony Vaio laptop which have 1080p display and it can go up to 120hz, BUT, when i choose higher refresh rate, then the brightness is a lot darker (i checked brightness lvl and it was at max), Can you guys help me please?
  6. T

    Replace screen for higher refresh rate?

    Probably going to sound like a nub question but can I replace my 48hz screen on my laptop for one that's 60hz? I bought a MSI laptop and didn't know it was 48hz until I tried playing a couple games. Really happy about that one. I'm assuming I can but couldn't find an actual definitive answer so...
  7. K

    No Laptop Refresh Rate?

    I know this is probably dumb and I'm just missing something but whenever I watch a review of a laptop, no matter who it's by, I never hear anything about its refresh rate. I hear "it's a TN panel but has nice viewing angles. The colours are nice and the screen is bright. On to the rest of the...
  8. S

    what is the real refresh rate of this tv?

    hi guys. i want to know the real refresh rate of the lg 42LN5400. it says true motion 120hz. i know that true motion is not what it says what it is. but i still dont know the correct refresh rate of the tv.all my monitors run at 60 so i automatically expected most branded products to be 60 as...