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  1. S

    Question Where can I buy an iPad?

    Is it a good idea to buy an iPad on Ebay? Or will there be after market parts in it? Where is the cheapest place to buy an iPad online in USA? As a first time iPad buyer, which generation should I buy? Should I buy refurbished? Should I buy a Wi-Fi or 4G iPad? What screen size should I get...
  2. M

    Question MacBook Pro (13", Mid 2012, MD101LL/A): Questions before I buy

    Hi, I plan to get this refurbished from a vendor. Since I don't have much knowledge of Mac (and computers in general), thought to ask. Specs: Screen size: 13 inch Memory:8GB 1600 MHz LPDDR3 SDRAM Storage:120GB Solid State Drive Processor:2.5GHz Intel Core i5 Processor Graphics: Intel HD...
  3. D

    Question Please tell me Which one laptop is better to buy

    Hello i want to order laptop but my budget is low about $200 so i want to order refurbished laptop i find a few laptop in this range price but don't know which one is better for example below list lenovo t430 lenovo x230 dell e7250 and your advice model please? i want fast laptop some time...
  4. A

    Solved! I have a tight budget and I'm thinking of buying an iPhone. Which model would you recommend?

    I have a tight budget as i just have an ordinary job. I'm thinking of changing my phone and buy a refurbished cellphone. Should I give iPhones a try? Are they worth it or is android the best? If Apple is a go for you, which model would you recommend? iPhone 8plus or iPhone X or the XR?
  5. DesperateConsumer

    Is Refurbished Reliable?

    I am trying to find a good gaming laptop and there seems to be a huge discount for refurbished ones. Is it worth it?
  6. G

    Refurbished Dell XPS 9560

    Hi, Are there any bad experience with these refurbished laptops? I have a very nice offer from a reliable laptop store (Dell reseller).
  7. W

    Looking for a low budget laptop for playing Hearthstone

    Hello there, I am looking for a laptop around $250 USD that can handle playing hearthstone. Refurbished is fine as long as it's nothing to sketchy heh. I also do some coding on the side. The most I'll ever do at once is: Hearthstone, Discord, Command Prompt(running a python program), A tab or...
  8. L

    Is this compatible?

    I'm looking into buying a refurbished Dell Inspiron 17 5000 laptop and I was wondering if these parts are even compatible. For the price ($429) , it seems like a little much. Also, how would I check to make sure that this will last me as long as it would if I were to buy it brand new? AMD...
  9. B

    honestly speaking, is a refurbished laptop good enough??

    is it only a psychological reason for some people not to buy a refurbished laptop ?? honestly speaking, is it just as good as a new laptop?? if it doesn't, in what ways it 's worse than a perfectly new laptop?
  10. P

    Looking for a refurbished laptop under $400

    What sites are best for this? Should I just go to or or try specialty shops like or
  11. J

    Which refurbished laptops on NewEgg will run Skyrim on High settings? I know desktops are better, but I have to travel and wan

    I'm on and want to find a laptop that will run Skyrim on High or better but don't quite know what to buy. I want refurbished to keep the...
  12. SnakeGTX

    Looking for a low budget, but powerful laptop for around $250.

    Last week, I got the Asus X551MAV-RCLN06 for $245. I am very disappointed in its performance. There is tons of lag. This laptop uses the Celeron N2830 2.16GHz SoC. It scored 1,020 on CPU performance, and 522 on single threaded performance, on passmark. So I am trying to get a better laptop for...
  13. Spike UrAss

    about refurbished tablets

    hi i want to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition throw amazon so can i get a refurbished one due the the different price between it and new ! like 100~200$ lower ?! am i going to face problems with it or it already tested and working by Samsung !!? is it worth to get the new one instead...
  14. M

    Refurbished vs new

    Hello Tom's' community I've been trying to find a laptop that's got decent processing good graphics and has enough space to store old junk in it. And I came across this At a decent price I thought...