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    Question MacBook Pro A1502 model + Lost MacOS (no recovery partitions) and cannot boot MacOS USB drive!

    Hi, I am newbie to MacBook Pro config world, so I own a used MacBook Pro A1502 model and I lost all MacOS volumes (no recovery partitions) and now cannot boot MacOS USB drive, to re-install it! What to do now? please help (OPTION does not work anymore, Command + R also does not work...
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    HP Pavillion DV 6000 Keyboard not working after replacement

    I was asked to repair an HP Pavilion DV6000 running Windows Vista with a malfunctioning shift key. After investigating the issue, it seemed like the keyboard would need to be replaced. I purchased a replacement online, and performed the repair. To my vexation, the new keyboard did not work...
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    Getting Windows Software

    I have and Asus X550CA laptop. It had Win 8.1, then the hard drive broke. I bought a new harddrive, and I installed ubuntu. Now I want to dual boot. I found the best way is to back up, erase and install Windows first, then reinstall Linux 2nd. However, I don't have any Windows...
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    Asus X550 Windows 8.1: Clean install (remove bloat, recovery)

    I know that this kind of question has been asked a LOT of times already. I usually know my stuff and if it was my laptop I would just try it, but this is for a friend and for her I have to be 100% sure! There is no trial and error! She bought the Asus X550...