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  1. 2

    I paired my remote, but i cannot get the remote to activate sound, neither up or down . I tried settings several times, ever

    My fire stick remote will not control the up or down sound. I have paired it in settings but it will not control the sound.
  2. RainOfPain125

    Extreme help pls? Teamviewer is bad now.

    As of late Teamviewer has decided to update it's software to have more rigorous auto detection of users using their software for "commercial use". I have been one of those people and can no longer use TeamViewer privately without buying an entire business license - which I am definitely not...
  3. D

    Hacked and a user was added but I can't delete it! Help!

    Hi everyone. I was hacked about a month ago and someone remotely stole my pictures. Not a big deal though because they can't really do anything with them but look at them. Anyway, they added a user account remotely that had the same name as my normal one, but I could tell the difference between...
  4. J

    how do i get a laptop with broken screen to start up, and be ready for a remote login withour user intervwention

    remote login for a laptop with broken screen