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    Question smartabsw1050 stuck in repair loop

    my win10 tablet is stuck in repair mode, it boots, cant find win10 usb 32/64b ntsb. I turned off all other boot devices in bios and still stuck in repair loop,(bios screen logo flashes, win tries repairing- goes back to bios screen logo. then get error code: 0xc0000185...please help
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    My laptop has been stuck on preparing automatic repair loop and its a lenovo 1 year old and idk i need help

    It's been stuck on a preparing automatic repair loop and then it say diagnosing ur pc and back to preparing and over and over again im tired of it i really need my laptop fixed and i can't buy a new one cuz my parent are gonna flip if i tell them i broke my lenovo 1 year old computer plz help im...