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  1. N

    Should I buy this laptop for gaming?

    Should I buy this laptop for gaming? Dell/i7-8750h/GTX1050/15.6inch/8GB ram/1T HDD & 128GB SSD/fingerprint /no disk reader? Price on sale for the next 12hrs: $1067 in KSA so it's normally pricier than in the US. Currently own an HP pavilion with 8ram,1tb hdd, 840m and i7-4500U (for like 4...
  2. D

    Gallium on XPS15 Motherboard - looking to salvage

    Hello, I spilt gallium on my xps15 motherboard when I was repasting the GPU and CPU with liquid metal. I thought I cleaned up the mess thoroughly with alcohol wipes. However, after I reconnected the battery and hit the power button, the screen stayed black. The power LED light did come on for...
  3. C-userT_T

    i3-6100u to replace Pentium E6700

    Hi, I have an old Pentium E6700 (3GB RAM) using it basically for web browsing as well as making digital works with Photoshop. I thought it's time for me to move from desktop to laptop. I have my eyes on a low budget i3-6100u (4GB RAM) I may upgrade it to 8GB. No SSD. Would an Intel Core...
  4. T

    What can I expect / what needs to be done to upgrade CPU and laptop screen?

    Hey ho! Now the question I got is if desktop and laptop parts is like the RAM are the same. (replace and your done I mean) And about the CPU. Yes this laptop you can change CPU on... I'm not a computer noob. But not experienced enuf to know. I know that GPU's and part using drivers are hugging...
  5. P

    G580 mb replace to Y580.

    Hi, on my Lenovo G580 i fryed my gpu, now i want to buy new MB. But i looked for Y580 MB. It has way better GPU, and same cpu and ram socket. And mabye it fits to plastic case. G580 MB is smaller, but it have lot of place around it, and it seems that connectors are placed on same locations...
  6. cookiebowz

    Replace monitor for higher resolution (1920x1080 > 3200x1800) ASUS ux303ln

    Hello, i own a ASUS ux303ln with a resolution of 1920x1080 and with a dedicated gpu (optimus). This laptop exist in 3(?) versions. Do you think it's possible to replace the monitor with a QHD+ monitor at 3200X1800 as they are exacly the same except the monitor and gpu? (The QHD+ one has only...
  7. X

    Laptop Screen Compatibility

    Hello there i want to replace my laptop screen and i want to know what things i must check to find a compatible screen. My laptop is an HP Compaq 6730s that it has an 15.4 ccfl 30 pin wxga screen. And i want to know, is all other 15.4 ccfl 30 pin wxga screens compatibles?
  8. I

    Replace iphone 5 camera for iphone 5s camera?

    I need to replace my iphone 5 camera. Ii was just wondering... can I maybe put in an iphone 5s camera? Has anyone tried this before? Or does anyone know if this is possible?
  9. E

    Crestron control and audio processors blew out in power surge; how to replace?

    There was a power surge last week which managed to blow out a power strip that these three Crestron boxes were connected to. I took this opportunity to replace our TV and get rid of the useless DVD player and karaoke machine that we never used. So my current set up that I want is this new LG TV...
  10. X

    Old laptop harddrive failure (no boot device found). Replace?

    Hey! I have a HP compacq from 2008 and the harddrive just failed. When i boot up it says "no boot device found" and if I run a harddrive test, it says that the harddrive does not exist. So my question is, is it worth buying a new harddrive to replace the old one, or should i just buy a new...
  11. N

    Could I put an A8-3550MX into an Acer Aspire AS5560-Sb653? (switch 35w cpu with 45w one)

    Basically, I know that this APU is NOT soldered to the motherboard of this laptop (don't post that whole "laptop parts are soldered to the mobo, buy a desktop" BS, I have a custom gaming desktop and I know how to swap out the parts on both desktop and laptops). I would like to upgrade to an A8...