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  1. M

    I was wondering if this laptop meets the requirements for the Elgato HD60

    I was thinking about buying an Elgato HD60 and my laptop doesnt meet the requirements so i was looking at this laptop online and i think it meets the requirements but im not sure so could someone help me out a little. Laptop Im Looking at:
  2. Curls

    Looking for a $100-$300 laptop to play Sims 3 at Medium Settings

    Hi guys. :ange: I know there's a lot of threads asking about if which laptop works best for The Sims 3 but when I surf through them, It just can't settle my question. So, I've decided to ask you guys myself. I'm looking for a laptop that'll run Sims 3 smoothly if it has all expansion packs and...
  3. Q isn't working (not automatic and not via desktop app)

    It's a new computer build, I spontaneously went to this site (used to work on my previous computer), and I ran the test against a specific game. It got stuck on "Detecting..." as shown here: I'm using Chrome, and after making sure, from's website, that my Java version is up to date, I...
  4. V

    Is there another laptop like this? [acer aspire v7-582pg]

    Hi everyone, Over the next few days I'm planning on buying my new laptop. Now, I am looking for an ultrabook and I realize my demand are a bit high for my budget. The only laptop that I have found so far, is this one. My budget is €1000,00. What I want for that is a thin 15" ultrabook...