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  1. Jas.Foster

    Solved! Seeking help to get a pair of old speakers working

    Hello friends, I recently stumbled upon a pair of old Sound Dynamics speakers left on the road by someone in my neighbourhood. There was a sign on them encouraging someone to make use of them, as they apparently work perfectly fine. In my boredom-fuelled optimism and probably more than a little...
  2. D

    "How is this laptop still running?"

    A client drops off a couple archaic laptops and explains that he only needs one of them with WiFi and to run programming software for his modified cars. His needs are by no means demanding, so I chose the highest quality laptop which happens to be a Japanese-made Toshiba tablet PC with a 1.33...
  3. N

    Games won't work due to graphics driver problem

    So, I downloaded the new Fallout 4, which led to a journey of attempting to get the driver to be compatible with the game. But after following instructions for prepping my computer and then downloading the suggested AMD on the Bethesda site, none of my steam games will work and I've no idea how...