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  1. F

    Macbook Pro 15 (2011) $500 vs Macbook Pro Retina (2015) $2500

    Hi there! i currently use a dell laptop from 2012 with 8gb ram, dual core i5 3210, gt 630m and samsung evo 840 ssd. this plays games alright and i have been doing a lot more media production work lately. so far this laptop handles photoshop just fine and its an excellent laptop for overall use...
  2. R

    What do I choose 13 vs 15

    So after a series of faults with my 2012 15" retina 2.6ghz Apple has agreed to replace my laptop with a new 2015 model. The thing is that the '2015' 15" model is only a very small bump from the 2014 model unlike the 13" model that is a proper refresh. My dilemma is that I've already made the...
  3. J

    Using a 4K display with a 2012 15" Retina MacBook Pro

    Hey Tom's Hardware! I've decided to hold onto my 15" Retina MacBook Pro for a while because it cost me a lot of money and it's got an amazing display. But I'm now looking to turn it into a desktop of sorts, by adding one of the new affordable 4K displays that have come out. I'm trying to work...
  4. FunGui

    Do Apple's "Retina" really show the most pixels you can physically see?

    I have been arguing with my friend recently, he says that apple's retina display screen has the most pixels that you can possibly see and that buying any screen that has a higher PPI is a waste of money (the nexus 5, for example). He says that watching a 1080p video on a nexus 5 would be...
  5. K

    LG G Pad has gorilla glass?

    Im really into buying the LG G Pad, but theres a possible setback - if it doesnt have gorilla glass. Ive watched some reviews and when the screen is tapped it seems like its "bending" down under the pressure of a tap, which my gorilla glass S3 does not at all. Similar to my ipad mini it seems...