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  1. D

    Of May 2018, should i buy a PS4(Slim) or a Gaming Laptop(MSI GL62M 7REX)?

    Im looking to buy one of these in 2 weeks, this laptop is for 800$ used(cant go higher than this, cuz budget) and the ps4 for 314$. The problem with deciding with buying the ps4 is the potential release of PS5 in 2-3 years. I want a gaming station that can last abt 4 years. And the games i want...
  2. H

    I want to use my samsung rex 80 S5222R as a modem to share internet connection in my pc......please help me

    i want to connect my samsung rex 80 s5222r phone to pc for connecting it to internet......or for using it as a modem for internet connection.......!!!!
  3. K

    How do I block my lost Samsung Rex 60?

    I accidentally lost my phone on our way home and I can not remmember where it might be. We were riding a motorcycle, I noticed my phone is missing from my pocket. It might fall off my pocket since the road is very rocky. Hope you could help me. Thank you,
  4. L

    how to connect samsung rex 80 s5222R to pc using internet

    i can't connect internet by using my mobile
  5. T

    Best Tablet for Mobile Gaming Questions (?)

    Guys, right now, what's the best tablet out there for mobile gaming? The best tablet/phone optimized for mobile gaming as well? (like Modern Combat 4, etc.) What's the tablet that has the best GPU? (I know Tegra 4 is around the corner but I only want to know what's out now) What are...
  6. JMcEntegart

    Chicago Museum T-Rex Killed by Throat Infection

    There's little in the history books as ferocious and terrifyingly macho about the Tyrannosaurus Rex. However in a bizarre twist, it seems Sue, the T-rex currently residing in the Field Museum of Chicago succumbed to a throat infection. Chicago Museum T-Rex Killed by Throat Infection : Read more