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  1. kaidiat

    Question Mousepad ribbon cable replacemant

    Hello, i have to replace my broken mousepad ribbon cable on my Asus G751JY. I don't want to buy those pricey ones that are said to be explicitly made for this Laptop. Can I just buy a cheap OEM one, if the width, length, number of pins and the faces of the pin ends(cable lying flat on table ->...
  2. N

    Asus ribbon cable removal [help]

    Hello, I am new to the forum and this is my first time trying to open my notebook and the reason is so I can replace my old HDD with a new ssd. I manage to remove few smaller ribbons I just pop clip up and remove them but I am having a problem with this one I am not sure how to safely remove it...
  3. D

    Toshiba C70-A-108 LCD screen/Ribbon problem

    Hi, I couldn't find any answer to my problem on internet so i decided to ask here...maybe some of you had similar problem like me. I have a Toshiba c70-a-108 17.3" laptop which works fine apart from screen or so i thought... Screen was flickering and finally stopped working at all so i bought...