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  1. Pimpom

    Stubborn browser redirect malware

    I've been infected with the browser redirect malware a few times since last year. CCleaner used to get rid of it quickly but not anymore. RKill and TDSSKiller don't work either. I run Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and use Chrome and Firefox. My AV is Avira Free. Can anyone please suggest something...
  2. L

    Help with removal of Adware.ChinAd and Adware.Agent.E

    Hello, guys! A few days ago my PC was infected by several malwares (got them from a file I downloaded). I cleaned most of them, but these two remained: Adware.ChinAd and Adware.Agent.E. Both are detected by Malwarebytes which can't remove them (asks for reboot to complete the disinfection, but...
  3. C

    Very persistent Virus won't go even after Scan!

    In normal mode Virus was not letting Norton Security scan so used RKill and Malware Bytes and Esett whose sections turn black I mean the way you see in confidential Files. So I switched to Safe Mode this time around Norton Security scanned and removed some 6 infections so I felt better and...