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    3DS Buttons not Working

    Alright, so I've had an original 3DS for a while now, actually got one of the first ones made on release, except for Japan... So, I started it up recently and came to notice, the buttons weren't working... Although, if you flicked the buttons and circle pad, depending on the speed and force, it...
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    ASUS UX360CA Screen Won't Automatically Rotate

    So a few days ago, I picked up a brand new UX360CA signature edition from the Microsoft store (running WIn10). When I was using it initially, the screen would auto-rotate if you flipped the lid around and physically rotated the device. Now, I can't get it to automatically rotate at all. I've...
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    How do I flip and rotate videos

    Looking for a simple free ware program that will work in Window 7 that will rotate videos I have taken