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    Question 144hz rtx 2080 vs 240hz rtx 2070

    Hi! I'm thinking of buying the Razer Blade 15 for gaming and am trying to pick between getting it with 144hz rtx 2080 max-q or 240hz rtx 2070. I could also just get it with 144hz rtx 2070 and save some money, but I figured maybe I'd get more out of the other two options. I don't really know much...

    Question Nvidia Surround with laptop display

    Hi! So I have 2 external displays that I want to use nvidia surround with my laptop display in the middle. Only problem is that in Nvidia Surround, the laptop display is always greyed out and I can't change the topology to 1x3. Anyone know a workaround or a fix? Laptop is an XMG PRO 15 / Clevo...