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  1. M

    Text messages come in exactly 15 minutes late Sprint GS4

    I use the text messaging app textra and as of lately (few days), I receive many of my text messages exactly 15 minutes after my friends send them. I'm using the Samsung Galaxy S4 on Sprint. I tried turning my phone off and then on AND updating the PRL and profile, but none of them works.
  2. FredJr

    Smartphone help please!

    I currently have a S3 and want to upgrade. Should I purchase the S5 OR S3?
  3. K

    Verizon S4. CDMA but uses SIM card?

    My understanding was that Verizon uses CDMA, and CDMA phones don't need a SIM card to do voice, text and 3G. After I found out that the Verizon S4 uses a SIM card, I was somewhat confused. I did a little research and people said the SIM card was necessary for LTE data service. Learning that, I...