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  1. 5hadowking115

    Need opinions on two gaming laptops.

    Okay, so I was using XoticPC to create a gaming laptop, and I made two, but I'm not sure which would be better. I like them both, so I could use some outside opinions. Here are the builds: Build 1: Sager NP8298 (Clevo P177SM-A) - FREE!!! – U.S. UPS GROUND SHIPPING (Use Coupon Code "FREESHIP" in...
  2. J

    Suggestions on 17" laptop for visual effects work.

    I'm new to this tom's hardware, so, i'm not sure whether or not i'm posting my thread in the correct section. i'm adobe, autodesk user, and about to go into my second year of animation and visual effects. would be doing much more heavy work on visual effects. i was considering getting a custom...