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  1. T

    How to access all RAM slots in Toshiba Satellite P70?

    My Toshiba Satellite P70 has four RAM slots. Two RAM slots can be easily reached, there's just a cover on the bottom. Can anyone guide me how to access the other two slots? Maybe with a picture guide? Many thanks.
  2. 3DnTechNut

    How to Install an mSATA Drive in a Toshiba Satellite P70

    Toshiba Satellite P70 mSATA Install I couldn't find any information anywhere about installing an mSATA drive into a Toshiba Satellite P70 because it is so new, so I bit the bullet, dove in and did it. I hope this helps others. Take it easy on the disassembly. 1: Unplug power. 2: Remove...