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  1. B

    help regading picking what to do with that Cash.

    i will obtain soon enough an amount Ranging from 544.55$ to 680.69 with that Cash i will be able to do the following 1) buy an Extra 970 gigabyte to Create an SLI connection with my almost 9 month old GPU(same type, the windforce). 2) get an extra Cash here and there and buy the HTC Vive...
  2. T

    Transferring game progress from Android to iPhone

    Is there any way to transfer the progress of games like "Hill Climb Racing" from Android to iPhone (Play Games to iCloud)?
  3. D

    Need Help To Recover My Life's Most Important Photos From HDD Format

    Hello All, I'm really desperately hoping someone can help me undo what I have just done earlier today. I initially was going to install a fresh copy of Win8 on my PC when immediately after formatting the HDD partitions I realized my incredibly valuable trip photos were not stored in another...
  4. tomsguideUS

    How to Use Facebook’s ‘Save’ Feature on an Android Mobile Phone

    Facebook’s ‘Save’ feature in the Facebook app works like the bookmark option that is available in almost every web browser. The difference between a web browser’s bookmark feature and the Facebook’s ‘Save’ option is that in the latter you can save the links to Facebook pages that you don't want...