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  1. Samuel Bengtsson

    Laptop restars every 10 seconds because of a "semi"-broken hard drive.

    My laptop broke a while back but now I need it again so I tried to google the problem but found nothing. When I googled I found alot of people saying their hard drive made a beeping sound because it was broken but mine don't beep or make a sound at all. It is a WesternDigital WD5000BEVT Scorpio...
  2. D

    Hard disk needed to replace my WD Scorpi Blue WD6400-bevt

    I have an asus k42ja-vx032d laptop with WD Scorpio Blue 640GB WD6400-bevt hard disk. The hard disk is damaged and want to replace it. I wanted to know if Seagate Momentus 500 GB Laptop Internal Hard Drive (ST500LT012) can be used in my laptop.