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  1. ExtreamChaozZ

    C++ Coding Help

    Hiya, I have been having trouble trying to work this error out, im not very good at programming so any advice would be great. The error occurred due to me merging scripts for the witcher 3 as im modding it. I fixed all other errors that popped up with a script merger but this last error has...
  2. packersfan036

    lenovo nerve sense problem

    im getting a script error when launching nerve sense program. ive tried to reinstall but did not work. please help.
  3. T

    Remote Open Program

    HELP PLEASE! Ok here is my situation.. I purchased the new apple TV and for some reason almost everytime I go to watch a movie in my Library my Library has been disconnected and I need to walk upstairs, close ITUNES then reopen it, then back downstairs and all is good. I have been looking for...
  4. G

    Action Script Error #2060/how to correct it

    Not sure if I'm in the right section but here goes. I'm using Windows 8.1 and IE11. Not very computer savvy. Yesterday I noticed that one of the Windows updates was for adobe Flash. Anyways, this morning I turned on PC and went to yahoo homepage and when clicking on different articles to read I...
  5. W

    unsupported scripts error message

    How do I get rid of unspported script error message on Galaxy S3, I am trying to download waze program
  6. liswara

    'Script Error'

    Hi, I run a small business renting computers for public to play online games. Recently, several of my computers keep showing a blue screen and a message ‘script error’ on the display. After that, it starts to kind of infect to the next computer and so on. Basically I still can run the computer...