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    Unwanted macro/script running during a game. Can't find the source

    I have noticed over the course of the past few months that if I pressed a certain combination of keys while playing the game Guild Wars, my email, [tab], and password are automatically typed. This happens only when I am in that game while pressing Ctrl+Alt+A. I tried replicating this in notepad...
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    Batch script restart timer

    i've been searching for days now, can't find it anywhere. Im looking for a way to reboot the computer using a batch script but with a timer which is set by the user. so if the user wants to reboot the computer in 5 minutes, the script should do that. (sorry for the poor english.)
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    Make Dxtory open when I open TF2

    Hello All, So almost every time I play TF2 I'm recording. And I would like my recording program, Dxtory to open when I open TF2. Is there a script or program that could do this? Thanks!