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  1. koolriz86

    Anti Spyware can't remove spyware on Dynamic Disk Storage/RAID/SCSI

    I'm using a portable version of spy hunter 4 software to combat spyware/malware. After scanning and detecting malware, a message pops up saying it can't can't remove spyware as my system utilizes Dynamic Disk Storage or RAID/SCSI based primary hard drive. How can get around this and remove the...
  2. S

    Program to create a virtual SCSI driver

    I need to create a virtual SCSI driver. I know that Daemon Tools Lite can do it, but when I try to create one, this error happens: I also found this: Then I downloaded the Win-7 64bits version. But I'm not sure what to do...
  3. K


    :fou: trying to find driver for hp DVDRAM GT20L SCSI CDROM Device A driver (service) for this device has been disabled. An alternate driver may be providing this functionality. (Code 32) I beleive I have tried over 20 different suggestions none have worked yet but not giving up...
  4. B

    Good SCSI/SAS diagnostic utility?

    We don't need anything quite as robust as SCSI Toolbox. We require a reasonably priced (or free) utility that can run a basic diagnostic suite (surface verify, read/write verify, reset mode and error pages, flash firmware) on multiple arrays and/or JBOD at the same time. STB is nice, but...
  5. X

    DAEMON TOOLS Virtual SCSI Drive

    I got a problem with daemon tools. when i install it, and then it tells me to restart. then my pc goes on and on restarting. i had to ctrl alt del to stop it from restarting then a pop-up came out which said "Virtual SCSI Drive not found". how do i enable this or just solve my problem?
  6. M

    Bios sees bootable CD rom

    Motherboard - Supermicro - X6DA8-G2 Proessors (2) - Intel - 2x XEON 3.2GHZ 1MB 800FSB Ram (DDR2) - PDPsystems - 4x PC2-3200 REG ECC 2GB(2x1GB) IPMI 2.0 - Supermicro - IMP20-E Video Card - Norwood Micro - Radeon 9250 256 DDR Memory Hard Drive (SCSI) - Seagate - ST336753LW 36.7 G CD Rom...
  7. P

    DOS drivers for old SCSI card

    I am looking to complete the building of a Linux box from accumulated parts. Part of my setup is an old Plextor SCSI CD drive (4/2/20) hooked to a Vesa Local Bus Adaptec AHA 2842A SCSI card. I am ready to install Linux, but have received NO HELP from either Plextor support (told me to talk to...
  8. G

    USB Card Reader and SCSI on same machine

    I recently purchased a SimpleTech USB dual-card reader. On paper it appearst to be a great product: usb connectivity, assigns drive letters to each slot (compact flash & smart media slots), provides dual media capapbilities, yadda yadda. Unfortunately when installing this product on a machine...