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  1. sdcardmaster

    Solved! acer chromebook not reading sandisk imagemate 64gb microsdcard

    my Acer Chromebook is not reading a Sandisk image mate 64GB micro sd card that was read before.
  2. B

    Solved! Nikon Coolpix sd card error

    My new to me, used nikon coolpix camera is showing sd card errors. Ive tried different cards & tried formatting them all. They work in my other cameras. The coolpix shows me a message "This card cannot be used" And one odd thing is the menu completely skips over the format from camera option...
  3. M

    Solved! SD card not playing videos after transfer

    I've recently purchased a 264gb sd card for my Samsung s20. I had transferred a my videos on to this however now I cannot play any video on my phone or laptop. When I try to play the video it states " Failed to play video, an unknown error has occured" I can see the files and they all have data...