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    Solved! Can't delete a background process that's actually a virus

    I have a background process (virus?) that will not go away. Tried all of the malware/adware/virus programs to no avail. Also tried a lot of unlock/delete programs with no luck. The exe is called psezhlwsvc.exe. All online search sites find nothing on the exe. Upon further digging, using Process...
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    Solved! Redirect virus HELP

    Hello, Every time I clink on something I get a new tab opening an advertisement website, it’s annoying this issue has started 5 days back I am using AVG free antivirus and I ran a computer scan it says no viruses detected. Sometimes when I open the Browser after switching my PC on I get many...
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    I have literally done and downlaoded everfything to remove this virus and it will not go away!!! I tried: Malwarebytes, FRST, tsskiller, rkill, hitman pro, adwcleaner, junkware removal tool I have deleted the extentions of all of the internet programs cleared the caches reset all 3 internet...